Healthy Promise™ Pet Ear Wipes

Healthy Promise Pet Ear Wipes are created to deodorize and relieve itchiness from the ears. From allergy exposure to excess moisture buildup, many factors can impact your pet’s ear health. That’s why these wipes are specially formulated to remove odor-causing wax and reduce itching. The gentle formula is safe to use for dogs and cats, so you can clean your pet’s ears with confidence. Plus, these non-irritating cat and dog ear wipes are free from alcohol and dyes. Add Healthy Promise pet healing & care products to your fur friend’s daily routine and live Happier, Healthier, and Stronger together!

  • Pet ear wipes created to remove odor-causing wax from your pet's ears
  • Specially formulated to provide itch relief
  • Alcohol- and dye-free wipes made with non-irritating ingredients
  • Gentle formula is safe to use on dogs and cats
  • Wipes can be used daily to help reduce wax buildup and lessen odor
  • Count 25

UPC#: 45663017705